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Assessing the adoption of EA as a change agent within an organization wide change Has a feed
This project is to demonstrate how EA techniques - when applied to a large scale Smartcard/access control project which is likely to incur organizational wide .process and...

CAIRO Has a feed
Through use of TOGAF 8, BizzDesign and ArchiMate, this project seeks to define an enterprise architecture focused on the Business Processes and the Systems and Data structures...

Cardiff University
Cardiff University are seeking to develop a common and shared understanding within their university, and within the wider sector, on how to build the capacity and maturity to...

FSD - Staffordshire University Has a feed
Through JISC's Curriculum Design Programme, this project aims to share experiences and discuss common issues and practice with other institutions who have also adopted EA as an...

Identity Management Has a feed
This project addresses the business process changes associated with inter-linking ICT Business Systems rather than just the technology itself

Kings College Enterprise Architecture Has a feed
To learn of the cost, risk and impact of how research information systems and practice, and digital repositories, could all be made available as a flexible and shared service,...

SOAP Opera 2 Has a feed
To build upon the current SOAP Opera project which includes up skilling of staff (SOA, Archimate Modelling Tool, costing/baseline tools) and initial mapping, costing and...

SOAPOpera Has a feed
SOAPOpera will focus on the mapping of the student journey through academic facing systems

With business process review and change management methodology at its core, this projects seeks to review, redesign, implement, upskill and evaluate a new admin system to manage...
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