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An e-Portfolio based Pedagogy for SMEs (ePPSME)

This project will provide the HE sector with reusable models and resources for an e-portfolio based pedagogy for SMEs. Such a pedagogy will take account of the particular conditions of SME employers and learners, namely: shortage of time, prior informal learning, need to match individual learning with needs of the enterprise, need for flexible delivery, quality assured, opportunities to record and build achievement, need for confidentiality and for ease of access to e-learning and feedback.
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Funding period:March 2009 to March 2011
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University of Wolverhampton
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Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Firewall policies around users external to institute accessing ePortfolio system


Posted by lisacorley at 2011-07-18 09:32:14
Project Summary (derived from final report)

The ePPSME project provided the HE sector with reusable models and resources for an e-portfolio based pedagogy to address the needs of SME based learners. The project adopted a participative action research approach through a series of design workshops and consecutive pilot study units to develop the use of an e-portfolio tool as a virtual learning environment and personal learning space to introduce and develop the learners’ reflective practice around targeted learning content.

Initial study units in the pilot subjects were based around a web-folio structure using three types of blog-based engagement: individual activity responses, group collaborative discussions, personal critical reflections. This approach ensures ease of use by utilising typical IT skills required for activities such as web-browsing and simple word-processing to avoid deterring learners who lack confidence in their IT competencies.

Posted by lisacorley at 2011-07-18 09:30:52
Project outputs page on project homepage: include
1. the captivate narrated video, which summarises the 'story' of how we've adapted the e-portfolio software to work as a VLE and repository for our learners
2. the demonstration webfolio which is a 'cut-down' version from one of our pilot units that people can click through to see what we've developed
3. the learner support webfolio which is intended to give guidance for learners, or potential learners, in using the software and accessing other applications used for learning materials, learning in a virtual environment and so on
4. the software compatibility checker leads the learner through actions necessary to check they will be able to access the materials (this is also embedded in the learner support webfolio)
As part of the project we worked with Pebble Learning to develop auto-download and auto-publish functions to overcome problems students were encountering in accessing their learning materials. This has now been rolled out across all PebblePad users (with version 2.4.1 or above) in both the UK and international markets. It is being used for traditional taught programmes in Higher Education and Further Education as well as for Continuing Professional Development and our original target group, work-based learners.

A new category has been created for student identity where a participant on a unit has a rolling 15 week 'live' ID. Each time they register for a unit they start a new 15 week time-block (but keep the same ID number so that they still have access to their Pebble account). Where a student chooses not to register on a new unit they can export the content of their Pebble account to other applications or to a disc/USB as an off-line html file. The exported file is 'view only' but can be imported into another LEAP2A compatible applications.
Posted by lisacorley at 2011-01-24 12:11:19
PebblePad; reflective student blogs; webfolios for collaborative writing
Posted by mark at 2009-12-17 10:00:05
Institution has experience in ePortfolio related mentoring (student - student)
Posted by mark at 2009-12-17 09:57:30
Firewall policies in regard to external users
Posted by mark at 2009-12-17 09:51:18
ePortfolio used in relation to employee CPD

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